The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

Wednesday July 23, 2003

The Beach Boys
Pet Sounds
Capitol 1966

Talk of "Pet Sounds" is dive into one of the most ambitious albums ever, the largest effort that has never made any musician to achieve absolute perfection.
Legend tells us that Brian Wilson was impressed by the "Rubber Soul" by the Beatles, who discovered that record that he had to do something bigger, better, something immensely beautiful, the disc changed forever the lives of people .
The recording sessions were insane, Wilson was a tyrant who handled each item entering the study, and there were many, for this record all instruments and all the technology available at that time were used, entire orchestras recorded, instruments Arab , theremin, bicycle bells, bells, thousands of choirs, jars and bottles of Coca-cola, barking dog.
The concept that had Brian Wilson was to create a total disc where everything would fit perfectly as part of an indivisible whole, where all were merged encompassing all styles.
All this created a lot of tension between the Wilson brothers, and between the Beach Boys and his company saw the project as another eccentricity and in itself problematic musician.
"Pet Sounds" should be considered more a work of Brian Wilson solo disc of the Beach Boys, Wilson management at will all the elements of the recording, adding thousands of details and nuances in every shot, in every session, to get a result that colmase its very broad expectations, the rest of the band simply choirs sing and add at the last minute.
All this great house of cards had fallen behind quickly if there had not been all great songs, but that "Pet Sounds" existed, many good.
The album follows a vague storyline linking all the songs, it is a relationship deal considering all the moments that occur over time, the initial conclusion: "Would not it be nice" to the bitter farewell: "Caroline No", this storyline excuse to include some of the most beautiful love songs in history: "I Know there's an answer", "God only Knows", "Here Today".
The perfect pop album, a jewel that 30 years after its publication still sounds just as well.
Legend also says that Wilson definitely mad to hear Sgt. Pepper Beatles, to me those of Liverpool were never able to match these levels of inspiration.

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  1. Posted by pop Pikle Pikle GORRION of December 7, 2005 @ 19:47  

    How about? That leaves people insensitive comment about this beauty in compact format!
    As you'll see in my mail, I'm a Beatle fan, but I think Pet Sounds is the best album in rock history without a doubt. At times it makes me mourn, makes me laugh and gave me strength when I fought with Miss copnsidero I love my life. Here today is my favorite song on the album! a Salute, and viva, viva Brian Wilson !!!

  2. Posted by luis @ December 8, 2005 14:30  

    So yeah, thank you very much for being who you opened the comments on this post !!

    Computer Age is a modest site that has too many visitors, we are few but select, lol

    Anyway, to say at this stage of Pet Sounds, undoubtedly one of the top 10 albums of the story, a genuine classic that does not lose brightness over the years roll by.

    A greeting

  3. Posted by vickyvikini @ 10 Mar 2006 22:00  

    Pet sounds like Pikle sparrow reminds me that today is the love of my life ...
    I think one of my best recommendations is to have the pet ledo of sound pop disc Pikle

  4. Posted by Giancarlo April 6, 2006 @ 16:03  

    I think it is true that one of the best albums ever, applause for Brian, and others of that time, unfortunately no longer so good, everything is nothing but pure copy. good bye.

  5. Posted by Pikle Sparrow @ 12 May 2006 1:31 AM  

    Sr of this excellent page:

    I again say that sparrow Pikle SMILE acquired Brian Wilson and is another of my favorite albums. Very complex and dare I define it as a new style: "Classic Pop". I know it sounds crazy but I think the ranking is so. added, closing the comment, I have a group called Pop Pikle and do. would be happy to give you a disc shaped thanks for this virtual haven !!!


    Pikle Sparrow

  6. Posted by Parasite @ 12 May 2006 21:44  

    I join the praise poured on this disc, and take the opportunity to recommend, but the group's fans surely know, the "Love you", 1977; I discovered a comment by Peter Buck (REM) in which he confessed that this was his favorite Beach Boys album, I've been listening time and it is wonderful. It is a more mature album, not as direct and perhaps more difficult listening to Pet Sounds, but is a joy, to highlight issues such as "Solar System" or "The night was so young," although as with Pet Sounds, no subject has waste. It's an album in which synthesizers dominate, there is almost no other instruments, the voices, or tanned brunt continue embelesándonos with these great melodies and vocals, the lyrics, if anything, even more personal and revealing.
    Anyway, would not surprise me that in time I too ended up liking me even more than Pet Sounds.

  7. Published by Perfect Songs (IV): Good Vibrations - Computer Age February 13, 2008 @ 13:12  

    [...] Brian Wilson finished the recording of "Pet Sounds" undisputed masterpiece of Pop, thought it was not good enough [...]

  8. Posted by Juan Salvo @ 29 December 2008 11:47  

    Green go: I want to know the members of the Inverness, Thank band. Juan Salvo.

  9. Posted by Steppenwolf @ 09 Sep 2009 22:51  

    The best album in rock history ?? Brian Wilson a genius ??
    Apparently no one remembers the "sassy" plagiarism "genius" made the song sweet little sixteen Chuck Berry, with its surfing USA.
    I could name at least 10 disks of the same era much better than Pet Sounds, plus it be better musically have a stupid title. Do I sound ?, pets wow! stupidity sometimes confused with genius.

  10. Posted by admin @ December 18, 2009 7:32  

    plagiarism "shameless" and also declared. But I think that's a super empty argument. anyway, I still do not consider it genius. I feel that Brian is an artist who was on the verge of genius, though. The Pet Sound is certainly proof of that, it's like a starting point from which, had it not been for his bandmates and the record label could have created wonders, as in the case of SMiLE. The point is that, what would have happened if he had created more Smile's, if it had been understood, if he had been supported. No doubt there had we had a genius. all is not lost, so if he is still alive. I just hope they surprise me with name Gershwin.

  11. Posted by Sergiol @ December 22, 2009 2:13  

    Respecting the above written ... I wonder if these people will have written one song in their lives or have created something ... so vilely pq to criticize something has to be very good at the subject ... what will?

  12. Posted by Alfredo @ 15 May 2010 15:11  

    For me yes, it's the best rock album. I've been listening for 40 years and do not bore me. Always force and no longer something to compare.

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