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Dennis Wilson, "Farewell My Friend"

Published on Tuesday 9 September 2008

Dennis Wilson (9 Dec 1944) was the womanizing, wild and problematic of the three brothers, the black sheep in a family clan which eventually would see that no sheep was just white. He felt a special passion for the sea, fishing and surfing, attractions attached to the music he combined delighted with the girls, cars and drugs. In a family where music was part of everyday life (his father, and frustrated composer tyrant according to all accounts, played the piano, his mother's body), it was not uncommon to see Wilson brothers performing songs in the school holidays or Family, especially Friday afternoon. His interest, hobbies and rebellion that Dennis did not show as many schools as their brothers or interest. I had to intercede for her mother to accept him into the band that would go down in history as The Beach Boys. Besides participating in the voices, they decided to offer the post of battery, although it was not always that the instrument recorded on discs. Being the only surfing was logical that the most influenced by all the fashion that emerged around this sport: girls, sun, holidays and music, with the backing of Dick Dale and his Deltones spearhead. He said the group what fun it would be to compose a song about that youthful fashion, giving birth to what would be the band's first hit, "Surfin." Over time, though often got into fights and the odd car accident, he ended up becoming a good performer, learned to play the piano and although it was probably the most limited of the brothers to sing, Dennis supplied the deficiencies of his voice with high doses of privacy and an enviable ability to achieve thrill. It debuted as a composer when the fame of the Beach Boys was traded to the downside and the upside British Invasion, it was the end of the decade of the '60s, the heyday of the hippies and psychedelia. Brian Wilson's shadow was blurred at times, taking advantage of the other ingredients the cracks to start showing the brightness of your lights. The first song composed by all the Beach Boys without Brian Wilson collaboration on the 1967 album "Wild Honey" (this is the song "How She Boogalooed It"). The following album, "Friends" (1968), Dennis Wilson signed his first compositions without the participation of his, brothers simple but highly emotional depth ("Little Bird" and "Be Still", the latter just overwhelmed with voice and keyboard), where excesses were beginning to show on his vocal cords. Friend risk at this time Dennis did not averse to any substance or party and whether women had by far better. They were just two friends of Charles Manson which led him to befriend this lunatic character friendship that almost cost him his life to him and his child ("I'm the luckiest guy in the world, because I left this losing hardly any money "). Both his career like the Beach Boys they were very touched by the discovery of his relationship with this murderer.
Dennis reached compositional maturity coinciding with the turn of the decade and record label, showing his talent in the first Beach Boys album for Warner, much more collective and less direct involvement of Brian (although this continued to provide it, of course, some of the best pearls of the disc), the titled "Sunflower" (1970), which deserves special mention Dennis composition "Forever" exciting ballad with all the ingredients to become a classic, standing to the height of the best songs of the group. In 1971 road movie directed by Monte Hellman "Two-Lane Blacktop" ("two-way paved road") in which Dennis played one of the lead roles as "The Mechanic" was released. That same year in an accident with a glass door several tendons cut his hand, which prevented him from playing drums for five years. Reappears in the credits as writer and producer on the album "Carl And The Passions - So Tough", released in 1972 ("Carl & The Passions" was one of the names of the group before called Beach Boys) with two songs uplifting disc sewage by sailing most of the time: "Make It Good" and especially that closes the album "Cuddle Up", intimate, heartbreaking at times, a masterpiece that would look on the back solo album "Pacific Ocean Blue". Found another gem to place on the altar of the best ballads on the "Holland" (1973), "Only With You" album this time sung by his brother Carl. In 1974 he collaborated with Billy Preston on the composition of the song "You Are So Beautiful", which would become famous Joe Cocker and Dennis sing in many concerts as a tribute to their fans.
We must not forget that the punk and new wave were imposed between the news magazines and music stations in 1977, when the first solo album was released by a member of the Beach Boys, the "Pacific Ocean Blue" by Dennis Wilson that although it had good reviews, was acceptable but poor public response. No music was fashionable, even it could be seen in many ways as a review of previously developed and styles. But, as often happens with things in which one delivers it all, time was commissioned to shine with increasing intensity the whole personality, talent and emotion that contained their grooves. He became a cult album and today it is no longer unusual to see him in the lists of the best albums of the rock. Dennis was involved throughout the full charge of the process composition, arrangement, production, vocals, keyboards and drums (with the notable collaboration Gregg Jakobson, family and musicians abundant winds, vocals, bass and guitar). This paper gave his soul, in the chaos that had become his life managed to find the pulsing spirit of some flowers destroyed years ago. It speaks of desires in the great "River Song", from his love of rock and roll in "What's Wrong" and "Friday Night" (this with an introduction that clearly reminds the "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" by Pink Floyd group, which personally I think it floats in songs and sounds of this disc), Love and loneliness in the heartbreaking "Thoughts Of You" and "Time" (Randy Newman, also born in Los Angeles, inevitably comes to my head also in several Songs of this work), Ecology in "Pacific Ocean Blue" color and hope in "Rainbows" inevitable goodbyes in atmospheric and great "Farewell My Friend", dreams and reality in "Dreamer" or that closes the "End Of The Show" album, with a broken voice poignantly. Embraced by a sumptuous production and the exquisite arrangements is the beating heart of a disk of shadows and solitude, away from the sun and joy, where the only lights are the glow of the moon and hope.
The new edition of the album, released this year, is made with care and affection. In addition to the excellent presentation, photos and information, provides abundant new material, with special emphasis on the songs of the album that was preparing before his death, "Bambu" (before the investigations for this reissue was known as "Bamboo"). It is generally less dark themes and I personally seem less emotional intensity, with the leave me feeling that often accompanies such reissues: are interesting, even exciting at times, to quench the enthusiasm and eagerness completist, but at no time exceed what has already been played (for the moment I'll stick with "Love Remember Me", "Wild Situation", "Album Tag Song", and especially the bonus "Tug Of Love" and the version I played this time by him of "Only With You").
The release of the solo album did not mean to stop belonging to the Beach Boys, he continued as a member of the band with its ups and downs for problems caused by drug addiction, with expulsions and reconciliations, delivering two good compositions for album of the Beach Boys " LA Light Album "of 1979, which had provided for" Bambu "," Love Surrounds Me "and" Baby Blue ".
In 2007 went on sale the documentary DVD "Dennis Wilson Forever," a review of his life through interviews with people who knew him closely, produced and directed by his brother Billy Hinsche, component group Dino, Desi & Billy, as well as multi-instrumentalist accompany the Beach Boys and other formations (I have not yet had the chance to see it).
Rebellious and charismatic five marriages with their divorce (including with Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac), five children, Dangerous Liaisons, several stints in rehab unsuccessfully a fortune spent uncontrollably reaching lose one of his most cherished possessions : sailboat "Harmony", expulsions several of the band coming to blows with his cousin Mike Love, who decided to hire bodyguards will not come over, especially when he was drinking "orange juice" (used to use to mix the vodka) . Strictly complied slogans "Live fast, die young and have a nice body" or "Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll" accompanying strong dose of self-destructive generosity. People who knew him knew he was not made to last, so the news of his death on December 28, 1983 only surprise was somewhat expected. In one of his dives in Marina del Rey not surfaced. While conflict still continue. The family argued about where to bury him, if with his father or at sea; won those who thought he wanted to do it in the Pacific Ocean, although this will need the intercession of Ronald Reagan for permission. They also failed to agree on the farewell song or who read a story from the Bible, while his son Michael's funeral would have nightmares for years.
Finally, a family with problems and conflicts that will be remembered for composing a special soundtrack for his film as much for ours.

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In this other youtube a short interview on TV the group in 1980, with Dennis ... somewhat "lost" is not of good quality but worth it. Pay attention to the greeting, "good morning" ... it is still morning ...

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Leonard Cohen, Lisboa (19/07/2008)

Published on Thursday 24 July, 2008

(Passeio Maritime Algés, July 19, 2008)

(Note: Part-gray-rolls are personal to read the chronicle of the concert started right on the black letter)

On 19 July, the newly released holiday in Galicia, I woke up remembering that day Leonard Cohen acted in Lisbon. He had not made ​​any plans to go to the concert, however I got the idea that I had to take the opportunity, had no family or work that prevented me going to see problems. They were many miles and many hours of travel, but could not miss that opportunity, "why not?, Now or ever." The concert had dismissed Benicássim wanted a concert dedicated to him. I decided to go without knowing whether tickets would be, but something told me that there would be problems, the biggest problem would be finding the site and on time. More than five hours in the car given to think many things, among them judge my way of acting. He would have preferred to have everything planned out weeks in advance, have enjoyed preparing such an important appointment, accompanied and spend the weekend with my wife also would have been a good idea, but there I was alone, the adventure, as if youth had not gone through my life many years ago, with a camera that had caught late and was unable to check if it was loaded. I arrived in Portugal thanks to have an hour behind Spain, 50 minutes before the concert. When I said "YES" entries had a huge weight crush stopped. I did not had time to eat anything I wanted to be before I see him up close, a coke to scramble a bit, and there would be time after the concert to return to the earthly life.
Lately this page seems the Olympus of the gods of rock (Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen ...), I want to add one more to this polytheistic temple, for what lived there was a real act of fellowship and worship. In Lisbon we were lucky to find paradise for a day, we hear we passionate words of our God, beside six apostles made ​​us levitate with the sound of their instruments, reaching ecstasy rocked by the chorus of three angels who sang the message divine: do da do dowm dowm dowm dowm dowm ("no PAREIS" you asked them L. Cohen).

As I was able to read in the press we went from 8 to 9 billion people, from different countries, languages ​​and ages. Although in principle it was outdoors might seem inconvenient, the environment became magically in the perfect setting, achieving moments of intimacy and silence difficult to imagine in a concert like this. Leonard Cohen point out on stage after the band members, all wearing dark suit, light shirt them and hat. The first impression, plus see thinner and paler than I imagined, was to confirm what I already knew: "gee, if that is seen very old" but many years internalizing his music and his books made my mind was seeing not something in the external environment but a reflection of a very important part of my life. Just start to sing her age disappeared, surprising the good condition of his voice, as always seductive cascade much less than I expected (it just broke in a few intense moments). Every gesture he made, every word uttered were unanimously followed by laughter, shouts and applause, not missing repeatedly launching, red carnations as significant in a country like Portugal. We saw a man who radiated magic and mysticism, with a soft smile full of humility and unlimited power of attraction. Excitement, joy, choirs, silent tear ... took us completely in their hands, like waves in a bathtub he formed his wise and stirring at will. Even temperature and moon opposite the stage, which was noted when one stanza alluded to it, combined to make everything perfect. The essence of the concert was a rock show, but pushed to the limit of the personal, with influences from jazz, country, blues, pop and flamenco, but led at all times by the elegance and respect for the intelligence, hearing ( I sound so perfect!), the individual as physical and psychological whole. The repertoire was based primarily on its many successes, making a tour of most of their albums, with special prominence surely the "I'm your man." It started with "Dance me to the end of love", kneeling before the virtuoso Javier Mas (acoustic guitar, lute, mandolin ...). On many occasions took the "alone" of the band members to present and take your hat off to them (that either sounded the old organ - Hammond -! Held by Neil Larsen, and what sensitivity the Dino Soldo on harp and flute and electric sax!), discovered the head also to the public thanking each clap, implying that they were there (we were) a fundamental part of the trip. Among the best-known songs sounded (sorry do not remember the order) "Who by fire", "Everybody Knows," "Closing Time," "Bird on the Wire" ("like a little bird" change the letter), "Tower of Song "(with keyboard solo as simple as that characteristic to be applauded, knowing his little skill to keys acknowledged that we were too friendly ... more laughter)," First We Take Manhattan ", a beautiful version of" Suzanne "with just voice and guitar (the Tagus River near the stage came the hair), the wonderful" Hey, that's no way to say goodbye "," The gipsy's wife "," I'm your man "chanted so loudly by the public to reach the chorus, "Democracy" (I think it was before I started this topic when he said, "is fortunate to have wonderful moments like these when there is so much chaos, darkness and sadness in the world"), "In my secret life ", the well-known" So Long Marianne ", a haunting" Hallelujah "(adding" I did not come to Lisbon to deceive ")," Take this waltz "before the stretch made all we tried to dance as best we could, and thousands of other equally wonderful who joined us for almost 3 hours, with a break of 15 minutes and several encores of which came and went dancing, giving sympathetic increasingly energetic jumps, which Rey doing the work of Jester, which happy child old man in suit, as if each song was a dose of elixir of youth.
It would be unfair not to mention, for their hard work and genius, the other musicians: Bob Metzger (guitar, steel guitar), Roscoe Beck (bass, bass) and Rafael Gayol (drums and percussion). The angels who did vocals also had highlights: Sharon Robinson on the song "Boogie Street" Webb Sisters and the interpretation of the exciting duet "If it be your will" (Hattie Webb harp and voice, guitar and vocals Charley Webb ). To end all sang in chorus bounce while Leonard Cohen thanked us for such a memorable night.
When I heard that Spain had only acted in one hour me doubly glad I made the decision to go to Portugal.

"Suzanne takes you to their site by the river
You can hear the boats sail,
You can spend the night beside her.
You know she's half crazy
but that's why you want to be there "

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The Dreadful Yawns - Rest

Posted on Sunday July 6, 2008

The Dreadful Yawns
(Exit Stencil Recordings 2007)

This is an album that was recorded in the computer, which once had scored some data because I had seemed very interesting, but that time had almost completely forgotten. After further listens I have to say that still seems a wonderful album, floating in his point sound aromas Donovan, CSN & Y, Gram Parsons, Spiritualized, Mojave 3, Wilco, The Innocence Mission, Belle and Sebastian and Beachwood Sparks. So I think it's about time you complete these notes. The quintet was formed in 1998 in Cleveland, Ohio, but his first album ("Early" Undertow Music) did not appear until 2003, turning the whole project around the singer / songwriter Ben Gmetro. After the critical success of the first job contract signed with the label Bomp! Records (the last band signed to Greg Shaw, founder of the legendary label that started in 1970 as a fully domesticated fanzine, died in 2004 with only 55 years old), where they released an album of the same title in 2005, increasing the psychedelic influence his compositions, again garnering rave reviews and starting to become more known to the public level. "Rest" is the CD released in 2007, produced by Ben Gmetro, after overcoming numerous problems of money, recording studios and music label. This is the first of 2 albums that were on record for Exit Stencil Recordings. If originally was conceived as an album of experimental rock, eventually you would transforming into an artistic statement full of arrangements, pedal steel, finder-picked guitars and beautiful vocal melodies, making a beautiful album of folk-rock-country- pop-psychedelia. It took about 2 years to complete and was recorded in 3 different studios, departing during this period 4 of the five original members of the band, leaving only Ben Gmetro (next to 4 completely new members): Ben Gmetro: vocals and guitar; Elizabeth Kelly: vocals, keyboards, bells, and tambourine, Chris Russo: drums and vocals; Clayton Heuer: keyboards and violin; and Eric Schulte: guitar and vocals. In 2008 they released the second album for the label Exit Stencil ("Take Shape"), with the same lineup as above and occasionally tightening sound. "Rest" is the album the group have played more times and know better yet. Ten songs in just over half an hour. Among my favorite choose "candels" which even exceeds 7 minutes goes against my preferences (mostly for short subjects), in this case the ability of contagion that pushes you to hum it makes you forget the time (you know the good times fly by, and as you said Bo Diddley a book you can not judge by the cover), but I'm also sure that if it became a hit and sounded continually has all the ingredients to get to hate. The songs revolve mainly in two directions, toward a more country-folk side (the wonderful "When I Lost My Voice", the trotona and denim, with banjo included, "Being used to you", or the successful version of Gram Parsons "November Nights"), more inclined to pop with varying doses of country, folk and psychedelia (among the most pop "You've Been Recorded", "Changing States" or the catchy and also with all the necessary ingredients for radiofórmulas sound in "Due South", among the most psychedelic or mental spaces reminiscent of the brilliant "We Go Up" seductive melodies wrapped by strings and atmospheric keyboards, and "End Of Summer" which closes the album with a characteristic saw musical accompaniment that brings an air of late summer, mosquitoes, heaviness, loneliness, and loss in the environment). A platter of exciting vocal harmonies rocked by acoustic guitars, steel guitar and inspired soundscapes made with the help of multiple instruments with fair notes at the right times.

The Dreadful Yawns MySpace

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Hey! Bo Diddley, "The Originator" (1928 - 2008)

Posted on Sunday June 8, 2008

"Bo Diddley" was born on a cotton farm near McComb, Mississippi, on December 30, 1928, being named Ellas Bates. With 6 years was adopted by a cousin of his mother, also taking his last name and changing its name They McDaniel. Coinciding with the "Great African American Migration" (in poor areas of the South to the industrial cities of northern USA) moved to Chicago where he studied violin until his sister Lucille gave him an acoustic guitar. In this city lived the changes suffered by the blues, with the inclusion of electric instruments, drums, harmonica and saxophone occasions. It would be enamored of the sound of the electric guitar, he formed different groups that played in the spare time that left him with the various trades that earned a salary. A first recording for Chess Records in 1955 (with Bo Diddley songs and I'm a man), the success and smiled a fundamental band for the special sound, highlighting Jerome Green maracas and vocals, and his stepsister "The Duchess" accompanying electric guitar, not forgetting African drum beats and wild. Frequently changing partners and address. Groups and multiple collaborations with leading artists, influenced by his style and music throughout the decades (from Buddy Holly to the Rolling Stones, the Who to Bruce Springsteen, from Sex Pistols to Jesus & Mary Chain), hundreds of versions their subjects (who do you love is one of the subjects with fewer chords and more different versions in the history of music), and recognized as the most prestigious prizes in popular music, have marked his career until 2 June 2008 when heart problems forced him to move out of district, this time for good.
With a very personal style, percussive, repetitive, raspy, tribal and distorted rhythms, became father of rhythm & blues, instrumental in the evolution of rock & roll and the "creator" of a unique sound, the sound Bo Diddley, something very Few have been able to achieve. While based on African rhythms, nobody had achieved his sound and vibrations transmitted syncopated guitar and compositions. Without fanfare or virtuosity in the art he left for posterity riffs and rhythms that have become as classic, recorded in the unconscious of large number of people who knows but that I could not mention the name of its author. In interpreting his songs, full of humor and enthusiasm, gave off a contagious and primitive force, fusing sound and movement, with the right amount of restraint and energy. I have not been lucky enough to attend one of his live concert, but I think it would definitely be one of the most powerful experiences. Until you can travel in time we'll have to settle for seeing video singing and playing his characteristic guitar Gretsh square "square-bodied", but for this occasion I preferred to choose two videos of his early days, before to design this guitar.

"Bo Diddley - Road Runner"

"Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley, 1955 (in the controversial Ed Sullivan Show)

Surely the angels are celebrating with convulsive dances and maracas in his hands, the arrival of the French black and its fast pace. bee bee bam bam bam bam bam bee ...

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The Everly Brothers - Roots

Posted on Thursday May 22, 2008

The Everly Brothers
(Warner Brothers 1968)

This disc is a time when Don and Phil Everly were cast out of paradise and had success a few years with significant personal and professional problems.
They had started in music when he was only had 6 and 8 years in the 40s, singing country with his parents, Ike and Margaret Everly, by different radio stations. They lived the change stations suffered when they found it much cheaper to hire a person to pay punctured discs several musicians playing live. In 1955, after graduating from high school, moved, and as a duo, to Nashville, where the support of Chet Atkins was instrumental in getting record deal. Columbia Records signed them for the first six months. After some singles that did not have the slightest effect decided not to renew it. It would seal Cadence Records in 1957, who would take the cat to water to provide a composition of marriage record and Boudleaux Felice Bryant, specializing in songs for teenagers. The song was "Bye Bye Love", which had been rejected by up to 29 times by other performers (Elvis Presley included). The Everly Brothers had decided to add arrangements prepared for another subject and record with Chet Atkins on electric guitar. He quickly placed in the top spot on the pop charts of country and R & B. The Don's deepest, with harmonies witches vocal, mixing country and rock so personal, softer voice and Phil and his image of "suitable for all audiences", gave them a charm that did succumb, above all, the vast majority of teenagers at the time. They had opened the door to the harmonies of voices in rock & roll and helped change the view and acceptance of this style, do not forget that at that time the rock & roll was considered cursed, rebellion and madness with bad taste without the slightest hint of quality only suitable for degenerate. Then came "Wake Up, Little Susie," "All I Have To Do Is Dream", "Bird Dog" and "Cathy's Clown", the latter written by themselves. The sales and success did not stop growing, and millions more were odds managed in that period. In 1960 he left with the inevitable dispute copyright, Cadence Records, to sign for a million dollars and 10-year contract with Warner Brothers (another unprecedented move, more knowing that in those years the success of most artists was measured by weeks or months). In 1962 began the crisis in his career, agreeing on one side with joining the Navy, and the other with an accident while on tour in the UK: Don collapsed, according to reports means a nervous breakdown, according to other by poisoning food poisoning, but the reality was that it was an overdose of drug addiction. Anyway, Phil was forced to continue the solo tour, and from there ... I would never be the same. Would alternate with other periods of separation reconciliation, with moments of varying success. Nor should we forget the appearance of the Beatles and other groups of the "British Invasion" that wiped out most of the old glories on the charts.
This record corresponds to one of those early periods of crisis in which they felt they were doing good jobs but are not popularly recognized. Trying to be part of the scene without success. They tried, without much hope, they return to the country that had been sucked from their parents. This thought important to be in the place where the country-rock was experiencing a major transformation, in Los Angeles. There they spent hours playing with Linda Ronstadt, members of the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers. In July 1968 Andy Wickham, Warner Bros. them suggested making a concept album in which the country selected topics were mixed with selected footage shows the Everly family had done in the 50s, ie back, as While the title suggests, his Estate. The Warner project as a personal challenge was taken, brought enthusiasm and effort to achieve a work of maturity and transcendence, no skimping media. In this sense the disc gets everything that had been proposed, masterfully combining evolution and tradition, exquisite arrangements, and wonderful songs. Was well received critically, but not sales. The selection was made by choosing topics and popular classic country compositions by new authors that were outperforming. Within the tracks of pure country chose two of Merle Haggard ("Mama Tried" and "Sing Me Back Home"), one of Jimmie Rodgers ("T For Texas", which applies a more attractive wahwah guitar effect) and the traditional "Shady Grove". "Less of Me" is a song by Glen Campbell played the style of the Byrds in his time with Gram Parsons. Among the new values ​​with the cooperation of Ron Elliott (of the Brummels Beau) in the arrangements, guitar and composition of two songs ("Ventura Boulevard" and "Turn Around", both enriched with discrete accompaniment strings that enhance its charm) ; "Illinois" was a song by a little known yet Randy Newman, that year would release their first album; "Living Too Close To The Ground" was the contribution of their English bassist Terry Slater. In the wake of his albums of the '60s, the compositions themselves were scarce; this time there is only one, "I Wonder If I Care As Much", not being totally new, having been part of the 1957 single "Bye Bye Love", although he did time changes and arrangements that conferred new life .
This would be the last studio album for Warner, with whom only managed to reach the top level of popularity achieved during your stay at Cadence Records (although that does not mean that, as in this case, not to perform more interesting discs).
Durable separations, solo careers, guest appearances, awards and reunions have happened in subsequent years (as famous anecdote is causing the longer period of separation in 1973, when Phil broke his guitar in full play and left the stage, ending Don solo the last part of the concert, and commenting: "The Everly Brothers died ten years ago"). They entered the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.
A note also its enormous influence on artists after its start, as Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Mamas & The Papas and The Hollies, of course its influence coming to our country, with the Dynamic Duo the clearest referent.
I think that Rick Rubin could still do miracles with them.

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